Coaching for Coaches

Agile mentoring. Customized. Interactive. Sustantained Results. No Overwhelm.


We offer ongoing learning and development for those who have completed a coach training program.

Our team of MCC and PCC coaches will help you advance your coaching practice and help you get to the next level.

As an ICF trained assessor, Nicole will help you get the recordings you need to pass your credential submission.

Agile Mentoring

1:1 Mentor Coaching

ICF requires that 3 hours of your mentor coaching hours are done in a 1:1 setting. In 1:1 mentoring you will receive tailored feedback to help you move your coaching forward to meet the ACC or PCC level.

If you would like a more flexible, tailored mentor experience, we offer 10 individual sessions.

For both options, contact Nicole to see how we can help you:

For information on ICF mentor requirements visit:

1:1 Coach Supervision

Have you completed a coach training course and are looking for support as you move forward? Our coach supervision program offers 1:1 support using reflective practice to help you develop as a coach.

Your 1:1 sessions are tailored to your needs and provide the resource and support you choose.

Contact Nicole for more information on this program:

For more information on coach supervision visit: