Coaching For Leaders

Our coaches support you through your leadership journey of knowing yourself and how you impact others.


Most people find themselves in a leadership position because they were good at a technical job and received a promotion. Few enter a leadership role with the knowledge and skills they need to be a great leader.

Leadership is often described as a ‘soft skill’ yet it is the most challenging role we will ever have and the role we are least prepared for (after parenting)!

To be a good leader, you need to be self-aware, understand your emotions and how they are triggered, know your leadership style, the culture you want to create, how to seamlessly integrate change, handle difficult conversations with employees, executive teams and boards and know how to follow.

It’s a daunting list and one that needs continuous work and practice. A leadership coach can help you navigate all these areas and help you become the best leader you can be. We will make you work, challenge your beliefs, make you think outside the box and support you as you try new tactics. You will also feel more empowered, get better results from your teams and be happier in your role.

What is Great Leadership?

How do you know if you are a good leader? If you answer no to any of the statements below, chances are, there is work to be done to enhance your leadership presence;

  • You can articulate your leadership style
  • You know your strengths but don’t overplay them
  • You know your growth areas and are working on them
  • Your people come to you with ideas
  • Your people challenge you if something is wrong
  • You have created a culture you are proud of
  • You have a vision, and your people are working to implement it
  • You reach your goals
  • You get the right kind of pushback
  • Your recruitment and retention rates are high
  • Your people will follow you to the next job

How to be a Great Leader?

Our Leader as Coach training is designed for organizations to provide leaders with a cost effective in person experience. Over 2-days you will learn and practice the fundamentals of coaching and leave with a new skill you can use immediately to implement into your leadership practice.

Designed for HR professionals, executives, leaders and managers, it is the kick starter to building a coaching culture.

What do Great Successful Leaders do?

Coaching Available Across North America