Does your organization live its values?

Tim Clifford, Mintstone | May 7, 2019

How many of us work in organizations where the stated values of the organization are lived and breathed every day? I’m guessing not many.

The organizations I’ve worked in and many others state values such as innovation, integrity, respect, care and passion amongst others and use it to attract talent to them.

For me, the interview was usually the last time I heard about the stated values.

The organizations were generally disrespectful, unfair, uncaring, stifling workplaces where innovation couldn’t exist and passion died as it was all about making money. I heard a CEO in an annual meeting ask his employees to “embrace the thinkers and problem solvers” whilst those very employees were being fired.

Then I returned to healthcare and an organization that lives its values of compassion, social justice, care and innovation every day. Decisions are made according to the values and not surprisingly everyone who I have met speaks very highly about their employer.

“For me, the interview was usually the last time I heard about the stated values.”

Working in an organization that lives its values is far more important than making money.

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