What Training Products Does Your Organization Need?

Patricia Wilson | June 1, 2022

Think Agile Leadership is often get asked to deliver off the shelf leadership training products.

When we investigate further, the product being requested often doesn’t match the expected outcome.

In our experience, off the shelf products work well when managers are at the same stage in their leadership development journey and cost is an issue. Mid sized and smaller companies usually opt to send an employee to an external offering whilst large companies use them as part of an ongoing in house leadership development program. They have limited customizable abilities and force the instructor to stay within the constraints of the syllabus.

They should not be used in-house when managers are at different stages of their leadership development or to fill an agenda if long term results and ROI are required. Software, compliance, safety training, professional certifications, HR functions and personality assessments are great examples of when off the shelf products work well.

Custom programs work well in-house when managers are at different levels in their leadership journey and long term results are expected. They have more functionality, are adapted to meet the needs of all team members and quickly get everyone on the same page.

Results are long lasting, ROI is sustained and contribute to value added employee retention. Costs are sometimes higher.

Leadership and management custom training within organizations that don’t have a formal leadership development program work well.

Before committing to an off the shelf product in your organization ask yourself these 3 questions?

  1. What problems are my managers facing?
  2. Where are my managers in their leadership development?
  3. Does the content of the training solve the problem?

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