WHY I created Think Agile Leadership Training Academy

Tim Clifford, Mintstone | October 18, 2021

I created Think Agile Leadership Training Academy to get more coaches into the world. Everyone deserves to be heard, valued, and celebrated especially in the workplace. Coaching is the only skill that can empower individuals to be confident, inspired, and creative and show up every day as their best selves.

When I started working as a dietitian back in the 1990s, I quickly realised that advising people what to eat had little impact even after a major heart attack. I started incorporating behavioural therapy into my practice to enable my patients to take control of their lives. As a manager and leader, I continued my philosophy into leading successful cohesive teams to think about what was possible. We moved from what we had done in the past to future thinking, challenging, and stretching our capabilities to create new opportunities. It wasn’t until I became a coach that I experienced the level of sustainable change I wanted to bring to the world.

Not everyone wants to be a full-time coach but every manager, leader and executive needs coaching skills if you want to recruit and retain the best talent. Our Certification in Professional Coaching provides you with the foundational skills to incorporate coaching into your leadership and managerial style. If you want to go further, we offer courses that will help you advance your coaching skills.

For those who have invested in a coaching program but have stumbled when trying to set up their own business our ‘Building a Coaching Practice’ will take you from start to finish so that you can launch your career in coaching.

We want more coaching in the world, so our courses are short and affordable. We promise a quality experience that will leave you feeling confident to coach anyone. Our instructors all have more that 1000 hours in coaching practice and run their own successful businesses. We share our knowledge and practical experience to prepare you for anything.

Come and join us today or contact us to discuss your options.

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